A New Stringed Musical Instrument

The BanaStar® concept was finalized in the winter of 2010-2011. The finalized instrument is a fusion of elements of the 5-string banjo, bass, and guitar. The name banastar® is an acronym derived from the three instruments within the 'mashup'. The first BanaStar® prototypes were constructed in 2011-2012. Three prototypes were created: two electric prototypes, and one acoustic. Two of the original prototypes still exist: the acoustic, and the first electric.

A group of 10 solid-body electric models bearing the ™ designation was begun in late 2013. Seven of the ten have been completed and either belong to their respective owners or are for sale HERE.
The three remaining ™ designated instruments are still in process and all are available for purchase upon completion.
Acoustic production is also in progress. New acoustic instruments will appear with the electric instruments on our PURCHASE page as soon as they become available.

BanaStar® YouTube Channel:
SUBSCRIBE: Several videos are live.. more will follow.

SoundCloud Recording:

Photo of BanaStar® Serial Number TM-E-0003


  • A Musical Instrument Mashup
  • Rooted In Three-Finger Picking Styles
  • Standard Tuning: 'Open Chord Configuration'
  • Ideal For Rock, Blues, Country, Or ANY Genre
  • An Electric Or Acoustic Stringed Instrument
  • **YouTube Channel Now Live**