Photo of TM-E-0002 Engraved Heel Plate

The Origins Of BanaStar®

The instrument was developed and invented by unknown artist and inventor David Ridge. David's musical experience includes decades of experimentation with various stringed musical instruments including violin, banjo, mandolin, dobro, guitar, and bass. The BanaStar® concept is the result of nearly forty years of journey into the universe of the six instruments mentioned. The BanaStar® is a practical fusion of elements from three of the ancient stringed instruments (banjo, bass, and guitar). The word BanaStar® is an acronym derived from the names of the three instruments fused.

The BanaStar® was born along the spine of the Blue Ridge in the Appalachian mountains of North Carolina. A short distance from Mt. Mitchell, the highest point within the ancient Appalachians. A new chapter in the rich history of Appalachian string music is underway.

Why We Are Here

To introduce the BanaStar® to the world. To create adequate numbers of artist grade instruments as we move forward. To complete the ™ designated models currently in production (acoustic and electric). To make a valuable contribution to the music world at large.

  • Introduce The BanaStar®

  • Increase Production

  • Complete Limited Number Of ™ Designated Models

  • Introduce New Acoustic And Acoustic-Electric Models

Early Production

Photo of Ash and Walnut BanaStar parts

Walnut & Ash

Early parts milled from select walnut, ash, and mahogany.

Photo of BanaStar parts

Grain Patterns

Select tonewoods offer superior sound and appearance.

Photo of grain patterns

Dark Walnut

Select walnut body is desirable for tone and aesthetics.

 Photo of walnut parts

Milled Parts

Completed neck and body parts freshly milled.

Born in the high country
of the ancient Appalachians

About The Players:

The first prototypes were initially revealed to several musicians: Rodney Queen, David Hill, Joe Smith, and Boyce Baker. For a short period of time, jam sessions were held with David Hill (guitar), Joe Smith (drums/percussion/harmonica), Boyce Baker (bass), and David Ridge (banastar).
More recently, several jam sessions have taken place with Tim Fogarty (banastar and guitar), George Stalder (guitar/bass), Steve Skinner (guitar/bass), and David Ridge (banastar).

Our goal is to produce updated recordings as soon as possible.

Literature and MP3's

Available Upon Request

Introducing The BanaStar Book Cover
Introducing The BanaStar® Vol 1

Rodney Queen

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**New Music Coming Soon**

David Ridge

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**New Music Coming Soon**

David Ridge

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**New Music Coming Soon**