FOR SALE: BanaStar® Instruments

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SBE-0003 - **SOLD**

SBE-0003 BanaStar For Sale

SBE-0002 - **SOLD**

SBE-0002 BanaStar For Sale

SBE-0001 - For Sale

SBE-0001 BanaStar For Sale

TM-E-0005 - For Sale

TM-0005 BanaStar For Sale

TM-E-0001 - For Sale

TM-0001 BanaStar For Sale

TM-E-0010 - **SOLD**

TM-0010 BanaStar SOLD

TM-E-0009 - **SOLD**

TM-0009 BanaStar SOLD

TM-E-0002 - **SOLD**

TM-0002 BanaStar SOLD

TM-E-0003 - **SOLD**

TM-0003 BanaStar SOLD

TM-E-0004 - **SOLD**

TM-0004 BanaStar SOLD

**SBE (Solid-Body Electric) BanaStar® Instruments In Production**
How To Order An SBE BanaStar®

To order an SBE BanaStar® call:    828-242-1655

You may also place an order using the contact form.
Pricing will vary based upon features, tone-woods, and finish options. Once features are determined, contact us to place your order.

Three 'TM' solid-body electric instruments remain available for purchase. Serial numbers for these instruments are TM-E-0006 thru TM-E-0008. The remaining three 'TM' units are in early production stage, completion slated for 2018.

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