The ™ Models

20 ™ Models Reserved For Collectors

There are five ™ designated electric instruments available. There are 7 ™ designated acoustic instruments available. If you are a collector and wish to add one of these rare instruments to your collection, contact us.

Premium Tonewoods

Each banastar™ is constructed from select tonewoods. These include: swamp ash, spruce, rosewood, birds-eye maple, and ebony.

Premium Hardware and Electronics

Each banastar™ includes the finest heavy-gauge anodized black hardware, tuners, anodized black control knobs, premium pickups and electronics (acoustics also come with 40:1 ratio, gearless, black anodized tuners).

Quality Made In USA

Fine, Artist-Grade stringed musical instrument made in USA.

Introducing The banastar™

Each banastar™ comes with a copy of the book 'Introducing The banastar™ - Volume One'.

The ™ models are rare. Only ten solid-body electric models bearing the ™ designation will be produced. The same is true for acoustic versions of the instrument.
All subsequent instruments (electric and acoustic) will bear the ® designation.

Workbench Photo
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™ Model Snapshots

Flight Case Photo

Durable ATA Flight Case

Travel worry-free with ATA approved flight case.

Dark Finish Photo

Dark, Natural Finish

The first four instruments have a dark wood finish.

Birds-Eye Maple Neck Photo

Birds-Eye Maple Neck

The first four instruments have a birds-eye maple neck.

A New Musical Instrument

Serial Number:

Swamp Ash Body
Bird's Eye Maple Neck
Ebony Fretboard
Abalone Fretboard Markers
Premium Hardware
Molded ATA Flight Case

BanaStar Serial TM-E-0004 Photo

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