A New American Stringed Musical Instrument

The banastar® is a new stringed musical instrument invented in the USA. The instrument is a fusion of elements/aspects of the 5-string banjo, bass, and guitar. banastar® is an acronym derived from the names of these three instruments.

***Important note: the fusion creates a completely NEW INSTRUMENT and ARTIST PALETTE***

While the banastar® may look similar to a guitar or bass from a distance, it is a unique instrument unto itself. Stringed instrument artisans find the configuration to be exciting and challenging. At the same time, beginners find the instrument to be very intuitive and inviting.

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photo of engraved heel plate

The Origins Of banastar®

The banastar® was developed and created by unknown artist and inventor David Ridge. A limited number of instruments have been produced as of 2021. Currently there are several instruments available and several more in process, both electric and acoustic. banastar® is a registered US trademark. The instrument is protected by United States Patent 8319081.

artist grade electrics made in USA

Artist Grade Electric banastar®

Quality made in the USA. Select Swamp Ash body with a Flamed Maple top. EMG electronics with Grover tuners and premium anodized hardware. Hardshell molded case included.

photo of unique string configuration on the banastar

Tunneled Fifth String Configuration
Unique To banastar®

The unique string configuration presented by the banastar® provides a new and innovative palette for both finger-pickers and flat-pickers.

Acoustic And Electric banastar® Instruments

Currently there are both electric and acoustic banastar® instruments in production. As of 2021 there are a limited number of banastar® instruments available. If you are interested in obtaining an instrument for your collection, contact us today.

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Grab Some Headphones and Visit Our Media Library

Visit The banastar® Music Library Here

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    photo of quilted maple on the banastar
  • SBE-0004
    African Mahogany

    photo of African mahogany on the banastar
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    Figured Zircote

    photo of figured Zircote on the banastar
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the banastar® project

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